The onboarding process takes place mainly on Verestro side. However, in order to perform onboarding, the Customer must provide some information needed to correctly configure account in Merchant Paytool Server. Configuration includes following information:

After creating an account for the Customer, Verestro provides all necessary data for Customer which allow to use the solution. After Customer onboarding is done by Verestro partner can start integration with Donate Widget. Such data includes:


If the Customer has chosen to integrate with the One Time Payment API component, he will only receive Basic Authorization which is login and password of the Customer account in the Verestro system. Basic Authorization will be needed for the Customer to be able to perform requests to every method offered by the One Time Payment API.


The Customer must also have to create an account in the Acquirer's system which settles transactions. Such an account is defined by the MID parameter (to find out what MID is, see the "Terminology" chapter). This is a very important parameter as it is required for payment processing. This parameter, together with it's authorization data, can be provided by both the Customer and Acquirer. Verestro offers support in creating such an account if it has integration with a given Acquirer. If the client requires transactions to be processed with the participation of a new Acquirer, then Verestro must perform a new integration. The client is then responsible for providing the documentation that Verestro will use during the integration. For more information about integration see "Technical documentation" chapter.

The solution allows to assign one terminal to Customer account. If the Customer wants to operate several terminals, it requires the creation of additional Customer accounts (account per terminal) or development on the Verestro side that will handle such a requirement. Does not apply to Customers executing transactions using the One Time Payment API.

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