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Administration Panel

Administration Panel enables various customer service and reporting actions. It is a central point to get information about user, his or her payment transactions, project performance etc.

Business Control

Expense management and card issuing platform enabling virtual card management.

Card Management System

Verestro CMS is responsible for card issuing and account opening. The system can perform KYC and eKYC of the user before card issuing. You can manage card and user balance through CMS.


Verestro terminology and abbreviations.

Donate Widget

One time payments e-commerce donations.


General intro to Verestro platform. Start here.

Money Transfers

Send money to cards and accounts. P2P, P2B, Card2Card, Payouts and more.

Priceless Specials

Mastercard loyalty program in Poland. Learn how to integrate. Mastercard value added services platform in Czech and Slovakia. Learn how to integrate.

QR Payments

Show and scan QR. Use as merchant or consumer.

Token Management Platform

Integrate MDES, VTS, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other X-pays. Issue and manage card tokens.

Token Requestor

NFC Issuer Wallet with Mobile SDK. Mastercard MCBP 2.1 SDK and Visa VTS SDK.

User Lifecycle & Card Management API & SDK

User registration and lifecycle management. Server-2-server integration.

Web Checkout

eCommerce and inApp payments. Multi-acquiring solution. Payment gateway.

White Label Application

Customizable mobile application enabling multiple fintech use-cases.